2014- Journals - RouteReflections -
Photos - Day 2; Day 3; Day 4; Day 5; Day 6
Day 1 - Manchester to Litchfield
Arriving at St. Bridget's
Johnnie F
Fixing Claire's Flat tire
Sue and Fr. Stephen - we would miss them this ride
Starting with a Prayer
 Ready to Leave
On bike Path after Crossing Bissell Bridge
A short break after Bridge 
 Riding on Rt. 218
Riding With Claire
A rest at Starbuck's
First Post to Facebook
Our Motorcycle Friend we met at Starbuck's
The Bike chics
Leaving Starbuck's
Approaching Simsbury Mt.
At the bottom of Simsbury Mt.
Continuing our Ride
Heublein Tower
Our Support Team Day 1 (Wendy, Kelly and Joan)
Eric leading the way
Getting Tired
Tough Hills
Tom Sacerdote
Made it to the top!
No Shoulder
On Claire's wheel
At St. Anthony's of Padua
Engaging Parishioners
Passing out our Sample Letters
Showing Interest in what we do
More passing out of letters
Thanking Fr. Bob Tucker
All at St. Anthony's (Where's Tom and Johnnie F, and Wendy?)
Hurting Ribs
At Supper