What is Brake the Cycle of Poverty?
Brake the Cycle of Poverty 
is a faith-based Social Justice mission to increase poverty awareness in the
United States and, in particular, throughout the state of Connecticut. 
We have combined our action-based faith mission with our enjoyment of cycling
to ri
de throughout Connecticut each year to meet with people who are trying to
educate them
selves about the poverty conditions in their community and their
state and to advocate for
equitable changes in Connecticut's social welfare systems.
Our original Brake the Cycle of Poverty ride began on July 27, 2003 when we
joined a 
group of like-minded advocates from the Catholic Campaign for
Human Development
who rode from San Francisco, meeting in Washington, DC.
They, as we, stopped
along the way to share our experiences and offer assistance
in reducing poverty in
each community.
Since that time we have ridden each year in response to invitations from
groups and faith organizations interested in our mission and in
sharing our experiences.
Now it's time for Connecticut ……..

         What does this mean?

         We are taking our Brake the Cycle of Poverty experience and extending
         it to CT communities,
raising awareness of poverty and hopefully stimulating 
         discussion and energizing talk in your neighborhood about poverty issues

         We meet with all faith-based communities interested in Thinking About, 
          Talking About, and Taking Action
against poverty in Connecticut.
         We began our visits in March 2004, completed our initial week-long ride 
         in early August 2004 and will continue our multi-year mission.
      Would you like to ride with us?
        …..drive a sag wagon?
         …..help with our presentations?
         …..learn about poverty?
         Please Contact:

Bob King at king547@att.net or (860) 647-0310

Lou Terzo at twoterzos@att.net or (860) 649-1546

John Ryan at JRyan@saintbridget.com or (860) 643-2403 x14