Brake the Cycle of Poverty 2016

Once again the Brake the Cycle of Poverty cycling team will be on their bikes, riding through Connecticut this summer, for the awareness of poverty in our state and in the United States. This will be their 13th ride in Connecticut. They will be challenging the hills again in parts of Connecticut as always. The 2016 route is yet to be determined as inquiries have just begun as to where they will present their message.

As they pedal, they will be stopping as always to visit poverty centers,i.e. soup kitchens and shelters, to speak with the clients, gathering their stories to share with those they speak to at their nightly presentations at faith-based communities.

They will start on Saturday, June 25 in Manchester and will finish on Thursday, June 25 back at St. Bridget parish in Manchester.

On their 2015 ride they started in Manchester on Saturday, June 20 and cycled to various poverty center sites, Sparrows Ministries and Catholic worker House, and events, Church at the Pond and Hands on Hartford, in Hartford and presented in South Windsor at St. Margaret Mary's parish that evening.  On Sunday morning, June 21 they cycled to East Hartford for a meeting with veterans and were back in Hartford doing their thing at South Park Inn. They celebrated Father's day at an evening mass in West Hartford at the Holy Family Retreat Center where they spent the night.

Early Monday morning, June 22 they were again in Hartford, visited a poverty center, Immacare, and then moved on to Senator Chris Murphy's Office.  They rode back to Manchester for a presentation that evening at St. Bartholomew parish and then returned to Holy Family for the night.  On Tuesday they ventured back to Hartford for a stop at Senator Richard Blumenthal's office and then moved on down to East Haven for their nightly presentation at St. Vincent de Paul parish.  They spent the night there.  Wednesday they visited and served at St. Ann's soup kitchen in Hamden and later moved over to Portland for that night's presentation at St. Mary's parish.  On Thursday hey cycled back into Hartford and helped out at the Summer's Meal program with End Hunger CT before pedaling back to Manchester for their Finale at MACC.

If you see them pedaling along the roads of Connecticut this June, cheer them on as they advocate for poverty awareness. A little prayer wouldn’t hurt either. Better yet, invite them to come and speak to your group, any day, any time. They would be delighted to come.  Remember to PEDAL!

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Posted by Brian Freeman on 26-Jun-2016 at 07:46:05 EST
Subject: Fatherlessness and children in poverty

Lou - <br><br>It was good to talk to you last night at Sacred Heart. Thanks to you and your fellow cyclers for coming and starting the discussion. <br><br>To follow up about fatherlessness as a major cause of children in poverty, and perpetuating the cycle of poverty: below are just a few of many summaries and graphics of U.S. government data and various studies that set out these facts. <br><br>Can these or similar others be added to the BTC PowerPoint presentation, and to the articles on the BTC homepage? <br><br>Brian Freeman<br>----------------------------<br><br>Poverty<br><br>"– Children in father-absent homes are almost four times more likely to be poor. In 2011, 12 percent of children in married-couple families were living in poverty, compared to 44 percent of children in mother-only families.<br><br>– Children living in female headed families with no spouse present had a poverty rate of 47.6 percent, over 4 times the rate in married-couple families.<br><br>Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; ASEP Issue Brief: Information on Poverty and Income Statistics. September 12, 2012<br><br>[this website has a graph that clearly shows this huge disparity, for years 2001-2011]<br><br> <br><br>poverty%20by%20fam%20structure<br><br>Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; ASEP Issue Brief: Information on Poverty and Income Statistics. September 12, 2012<br><br>Source: <br>"The consequences of fatherlessness"<br><br><br>------------------------------<br><br>Access additional research on poverty and father absence:

Posted by Lou Terzo on 26-Feb-2016 at 11:40:08 EST
Subject: BTC 2016 Bike Tour

We have our first parish for our 2016 poverty awareness bike ride.<br>Sacred Heart parish, Wethersfield, Saturday, June 25.<br>Thank you Sacred Heart!

Posted by Lou Terzo on 05-Feb-2016 at 08:05:21 EST
Subject: 2016 Ride

Totally looking forward to riding with the team again this summer!! PEDAL on!!