Day 2 - Litchfield to Cornwall to West Hartford
Getting Ready in the morning at St. Anthony of Padua
All Ready to go
Leaving St. Anthony's
On the road from Litchfield
Slow and Steady
A little hill
Some hills you have to walk
But you get right back on the bike
Heading into Cornwall
 St. Bridget Church
Presenting at St. Bridget 

Asking a question
State Representative Roberta Willis responding to questions
Talking with a millionaire
Responding to a question
Louise Riley, our contact, and Rep Willis
More of St. Bridget
The Cantor outside of church
We named these three clouds "The Trinity"

Having some fun outside of St. Bridget
More Fun
Meet the "players"
Johnnie F
Eric advising us about the next leg of our ride
The Doe with her Fawn
Let's Go
Another Hill
More Hills
Another Hill?
Lunch Break
Posting to Facebook
A little nap
Riding to Holy Family
More Hill climbing
Off the bike and jammed in Support Vehicle
Sometimes you just have to get off the bike and walk
There a some downhills
A little something to refuel
Hopefully no more hills
And then again
Finally at Holy Family
Dinner at Holy Family
Steve joined the Support team
Discussing the day
Later discussing the Word of the Day