Day 5 - Bristol to Stratford
Fr. Joe greets us in the morning at St. Joseph's
Fr. Joes and John Ryan
More with Fr. Joe
Getting ready for our morning prayer
All with Fr. Joe
Getting ready to go with new rider, Jim Clifford
"Hi, I'm Jim"
Leaving St. Joseph's
News Paper Article from Bristol Observer
Bike trail we would take 
Getting on the trail
Still on trail
Continuing toward Stratford
A break from riding
A couple of homeless on the street along the way
Another break
St. John the Baptist
St. John the Baptist Church
Lunch at St John's
All with Fr. George at St. John the Baptist
Starting again
A slight break again
Our man Steve
Lou taking a break
Wayne and the girls
Bob Ford adjusting our bikes at St. James in Stratford
St. James Church
Fr. Tom Lynch with John Ryan
Dinner before the presentation
Our Treats
Bob begins our presentation
Our audience
Lou presenting
Jim telling why he Participated
Pam presenting
Eric presenting
John Ryan presenting
A little fun after presentation
Getting ready for bed
Our sleeping quarters 
Getting ready for our debrief